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Recruitment Melbourne, Recruitment as a Service, Permanent Recruitment, Temporary Recruitment, Contract Recruitment, Melbourne

Recruitment as a Service

Recruitment Melbourne, Recruitment as a Service, Permanent Recruitment, Temporary Recruitment, Contract Recruitment, Melbourne

Recruitment as a Service #RaaS

Recruitment as a Service is a subscription based model for planned recruitment services, where you pay twelve equal monthly payments and receive an agreed number of permanent placements per year. We take the fee stress out of the recruitment process where you as a client can better manage your budget, cashflow and forecasting whilst still receiving the high quality recruitment services you expect.

A real market differentiator where the historical fees based on a single placement have been removed, being replaced with a guaranteed known monthly fee.

This offers cost savings that will reduce your recruitment spend and deliver a faster return on your investment in the recruitment process.

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Why choose Lloyd Connect?

Because it's the first critical step in making sure you get the right person for your business - and you'll always get a better result with qualified, experienced and dedicated specialist in any role, and Recruitment is no different.

Recruitment is a complex task in this technology age and with the incredible opportunities in front of high performing talent, it’s not so much about them seeking you but you selling your brand and organisational culture fit to them.  At Lloyd Connect we manage this for you. We match the right candidates to your organisation and ensure that your brand is protected and promoted throughout the process.  We have a diverse network and use the latest technology and social media to ensure we seek out the ideal candidate for you and your team…we’ll source you that hard to find gem!

Technical skills can be taught but attitude and organisational fit are key to the success and development of a team. Successful recruitment is the key to getting the right mix of both!

It can be tempting to handle recruitment in-house to save on fees and it can seem simpler.

Yet many a failed recruit will result in performance management, an unhappy and dysfunctional team and lost productivity. Some scenarios even end up with you in mediation and paying out costly legal fees to remove that poor hire from your team.

Why not get it right the first time and call Lloyd Connect and talk to one of our Connectors today.

Recruitment Melbourne, Recruitment as a Service, Permanent Recruitment, Temporary Recruitment, Contract Recruitment, Melbourne

Working with Lloyd Connect for your recruitment services is a true business partnership.

Partnering with a qualified, experienced and dedicated specialist will help ensure the best possible outcomes for your organisation. We give your HR team "The Edge" and relieve the pressure of the recruitment process.

Our connectors are recruitment specialists that work hard to understand you, your business and your real "Perfect Candidate" needs. The closer we get to really knowing you enables us to deliver on your requirements and being that true business partner and potentially extending your services with a high quality recruitment provider.

If Recruitment as a Service is something that interests you and you are seeking a business partner that can grow with you, contact us.

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What our clients are saying

Lloyd Connect has changed the way that our small business manages recruitment. We approach recruiting new staff with a lot less tension around what the fees are going to cost us at the end. We are only a business of 7 people and the recruitment fees of $10k plus at a time can be crippling for us and even making payments over 3 months still effects our cash flow significantly.
When I understood the ‘Recruitment as a service’ model the standout component was the ‘subscription’ type arrangement and paying a monthly fee that didn’t break the bank and allowed our cash flow to not be affected. We can better manage our financials and also know that we have the ability to hire more people that are already built into this monthly cost.
Lloyd Connect offers such confidence to our business with the years of experience and the moral, ethical and honest approach.
I have also spoken about Lloyd Connect to my clients and in turn, they have met with Jen and loved the offering.

Larissa Leone - Director | Two Birds Consultingtwo birds

Recruiter of the Year 2020

Continued industry recognition 

The amazing thing about these awards is that they are supported by our clients positive feedback who have recognised the high-quality recruitment services we deliver. We are extremely proud recipients and this confirms that we continue our mission on the path to ensuring our clients and candidates always come first.

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