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5 ways to show kindness in the workplace.

13 Nov 05:00 by Shelley Wood


Today is World Kindness Day. Kindness matters just as much in workplace relationships as it does in your personal life. Acts of kindness within the workplace can create a positive ripple effect throughout the team. Studies show that performing random acts of kindness can also increase overall happiness.

When you are kind to your colleagues it can create a more positive environment, make someone’s day a little bit better and it’s contagious.

Here is 5 quick and easy ways to show kindness in the workplace;

  1. Open the door or hold the elevator whenever you can.
  2. Say thank you, write a thank you card when someone has helped you out, even if it is part of their job.
  3. Help a co-worker when they are under stress, perhaps grab them lunch or a coffee.
  4. Give a complement, take interest in a co-worker and take the time to listen.
  5. Or it could be as simple as a smile or saying good morning.

Spread kindness every day. It teaches us to be generous, positive, and selfless. Acts of kindness don’t have to be big - keep it simple and remember there’s no act of kindness that’s too small.