Old School Customer Service at its finest!

09 June 2018 Shelley Wood

windsor hotel melbourne

Last week we had the pleasure of staying at Melbourne’s iconic The Windsor Hotel on Spring Street. We were there to attend the #NPAworldwide ANZ conference and I had the great pleasure of meeting the delightful Russell who is the ever smiling and friendly Doorman at The Windsor Hotel.

What was amazing about Russell, besides the impressive top hat and tails, was nothing you asked him for help with was too much trouble and he did it with a smile. No question was too trivial or complex. Russell knew endless information about Melbourne from where to eat, what to see and watch for those guests from overseas and interstate. He made every interaction feel genuine and not transactional. Russell afforded each guest his time and knowledge and made each guest feel like they were his top priority at that point in time.

What Russell did was provide good old school customer service to each guest that he interacted with. In fact, it was good old customer service at its finest which got me thinking where has this level of customer service gone? In our world, jammed packed with modern technology and automated customer service, it was a refreshing change to experience this level of customer service from someone like Russell who you could tell truly loved his job and the interactions that he had with each guest. We could learn a thing or two about customer service and giving away smiles for free.

It’s interactions with someone like Russell that makes you wonder where old school customer service has gone and whether it will ever make a comeback! Thanks Russell you made our stay a breeze!