Men’s Health Week 2018

12 June 2018 Shelley Wood

mens health week 2018

Men and Families – Making Healthy Connections 11th-17th June

In Australia, Men's Health Week provides a platform for challenging and debating key issues in men's health and to raise the profile of men, their health outcomes and health needs around the country each June. To break down the stigma often associated with health issues and to encourage men to look after their health. Recently the admission of several high-profile males with regards to their own health struggles has taken away some of the stigma in admitting to having an issue, after all it isn’t “weak to speak”.

The status of men’s health in Australia as it is in many countries is generally worse than that of females. Males on average will have more accidents than females, more males will take their own lives and more will be affected by a life style related health problem than females of the same age during a lifetime.

Meanwhile, men are less likely to visit the doctor. Of course, the first sniffle or sneeze and the dreaded man-flu has set in, although a laughing matter for many it could be the perfect opportunity for you to encourage that reluctant male in our life to visit the doctor for a well overdue check-up.

So, the goal of Men’s Health Week is to;

  • Recognise men’s health as a critical health issue and that there are health issues that only affect men
  • Promote awareness of the way men approach their health
  • Change the way health care is provided to men and to be more sensitive towards the needs of men
  • Create school and community programs which target boys and young men
  • Connect health and social policies to better pursue men’s health goals

Men’s Health Week celebrates the strengths of men, the contributions they make and the important role they play in society. It is as much as week of celebration and engagement of men with a serving of health on the side!