Valuable advice I’ve learnt from my first three months in business

18 August 2016 Shelley Wood


You never work harder than you do for yourself (you were right Kimberly) but it is the most amazing feeling to know that you are representing yourself, your personal brand and that the buck stops with you! As a recruiter I have always worked long hours but this is a whole new level. However, it also comes with the best adrenalin rush as you email out your first invoice, then your second and your third. Best of all though is the feel good part when you hear the delight in someone’s voice when you offer them a job, nothing can beat that.

first time in business

Thank you to all of my amazing family, friends and business associates that have helped me get Lloyd Connect off the ground in such a positive way. Your advice has been invaluable. If anyone had told me 4 months ago that I would be successfully doing what I am today, I never would have believed them…