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Our Partners

We work with market leading technology and solution providers in the recruitment industry, to ensure that the value we bring to you the client, delivers complete recruitment solutions that are second to none and that our clients gain “The Edge” in attracting and acquiring high performing talent. 

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    NPAworldwide is a global recruiting network for independent recruiters connecting recruitment firms located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

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    The Recruitment & Consulting Services Association Australia & New Zealand (RCSA) is the peak body for the employment industry in Australia and New Zealand representing over 3,000 Corporate and Individual Members.

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    Volcanic is a leading global provider of recruitment websites and job boards. Volcanic has levelled the playing field in recruitment technology, allowing businesses of all sizes to access a market-leading platform and to compete using the same technology.

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    APositive Workforce Finance are suppliers of Payroll Funding, Invoice Finance & Back Office solutions exclusively designed for the recruitment, contracting and labour hire industry.

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    Bullhorn is a cloud-based relationship management platform.

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    Next generation workforce management solutions and payroll for contracting and recruitment sector. Our automated workforce management and payroll solutions are managed on behalf of our clients through strong partnerships and a very experienced team.

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    Check the Ref is the HR tool at your command. We automate & validate candidate reference checking with our unique algorithm & incredibly easy to use platform. Using custom questionnaire templates you receive unbiased, essential reference information in a centralised easy to access web app.